The History of Allen Iverson's Reebok Signature Sneaker Line

In honor of his Hall of Fame selection, take a look back at the history of A.I.'s signature line.

Image via mingsing

It was always just a matter of time, but Allen Iverson has now been officially named to the 2016 Basketball Hall of Fame class. While A.I. was never able to capture an NBA Championship he did win an MVP, four scoring titles, and 11 All-Star appearances. 

To celebrate his Hall of Fame announcement, we're taking a look back at A.I.'s Reebok signature sneaker line.  The series makes up the second longest-running basketball line in history, which started with the iconic Question in 1996 and ran consecutively until 2009's Answer 13. In recent years, we've even seen Reebok resurrect the line with the Question-inspired Q96 and an all-new Answer model.

Take a look at each of Iverson's signature Reebok shoes below.

Reebok Question

Reebok Answer 1

Reebok Answer 2

Reebok Answer 3

Reebok Answer 4

Reebok Answer 5

Reebok Answer 6

Reebok Answer 7

Reebok Answer 8

Reebok Question 2

Reebok Answer 9

Reebok Answer 10

Reebok Answer 11

Reebok Question 3

Reebok Answer 12

Reebok Answer 13

Reebok Q96

Reebok Answer 14