$2,000 Air Jordans Are Selling for $60 at Marshalls

Sneakerheads are finding $2,000 Air Jordans at Marshalls for $60.

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When you see these outlandish come up photos on social media, the typical response is to blow it off as a hoax. However, after digging through the rumors of the ultra-popular Fragment x Air Jordan 1 Retro surfacing at Marshalls stores, you'll find that there's validity to these unlikely circumstances.

In the past week, several sneakerheads have walked into Marshalls and purchased the Fragment 1 for $59.99 — far less than its original $185 price tag and the $1,800 it commands on the resell market according to StockX. In fact, pairs have fetched as much as $2,000 on eBay in the past few months.

People purchased pairs as recently as Friday, so while it's no guarantee, making a trip to your local Marshalls seems worth it.


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