DJ Khaled Has a Vision for His Own Air Jordan Collaboration

When asked about a possible Jordan collab, Khaled confirmed he's "up to something."

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They didn't want DJ Khaled to open his own Champs Sports, so he opened his own Champs Sports.

Earlier today, our own Rich "Maze" Lopez was in Miami for the grand opening of Khaled's Champs, which happens to be located inside We The Best Studios. While Khaled was securing the bag, we were able to secure an interview with the self-proclaimed King of Sneakers on Facebook Live, discussing a wide range of topics including his new store, some of the rarest pairs in his collection, which pairs have eluded him and ... a possible Air Jordan collaboration?

It's no secret that Khaled has forged strong relationship with the Jordan Brand in recent years, but he has a vision for something bigger. When asked about a possible Jordan collab, Khaled wasn't ready to spill all the beans, but he did confirm that he's "up to something," along with a "stay tuned" alert.

When the topic of a DJ Khaled-designed Air Jordan came up again during the conversation, he gave us just a little more.

"I have a Jordan in my head designed that I want to present to Jordan [Brand] and maybe one day my dream and my goal will come true," said Khaled.

Khaled adds that he doesn't want to share his full vision for the sneaker until it becomes a reality, but hopes he can create both exclusives and pairs to be sold at retail. Nevertheless, it's starting to feel like an official collaboration is inevitable. As the man said, stay tuned alert!