What the Levi's x Air Jordan 4 Looks Like with Bleached Denim

Tyler Mansour takes a bottle of bleach to his Levi's x Air Jordan 4s.

Bleached Levi's Air Jordan 4 Custom

Image via Tyler Mansour

Bleached Levi's Air Jordan 4 Custom

Hate it or love it, the denim-based Levi's x Air Jordan 4 is a buzzworthy collaboration inspiring sneakerheads to customize their pairs to separate them from the rest. Recently, Jordan Brand linked up with artist Julian Gaines, who distressed his pair before hitting the shoes with a fresh paint splatter. Perhaps a more drastic customization comes the mind of Tyler Mansour, who treated the shoes to fully bleached uppers.

The result is a mostly-white-looking pair with subtle traces of blue left over from the original look. Expect a lot of different takes on this sneaker and quite a few people to "borrow" Tyler's idea.