Did Big Baller Brand Steal the Logo It Used for Lonzo Ball?

Big Baller Brand may have stolen its Lonzo Ball logo from an Ohio State WR coach.

Big Baller Brand Lonzo Ball ZO2
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Image via Big Baller Brand

Big Baller Brand Lonzo Ball ZO2

Big Baller Brand's ZO2 prototype has only been public for 24 hours, but there's already controversy surrounding Lonzo's personal logo.

This looks awfully familiar @CoachZachSmith 👀👀 pic.twitter.com/oA6XLNcy4G

Shortly after the sneakers were unveiled, friends and fans of Ohio State wide receivers coach Zach Smith sent out tweets accusing Big Baller Brand of stealing the logo from Zone 6—a nickname Smith established for his wide receiver group years ago. While the logos are similar, most notably the use of a rounded 'Z' at the center, the idea that it was outright stolen by the Balls is a bit of a reach. Nevertheless, Coach Smith himself sent out a series of tweets doubling down on the accusations.

S/O to whoever turned my logo into a sleek gold and white version!! #Robbery @Lavarbigballer pic.twitter.com/2LyAoVyr3v
Gonna start my own design firm... logos for any "big time" athlete for a small fee. #Zone6
If you can't design your own logo... and cop a logo a freaking football coach designed... you're a CLOWN. 💯💯💯 https://t.co/kIlvDadWWM
New Resume Title Added!!! 😂😂🤣🤣 pic.twitter.com/EGIl7NymYv
What if you can't afford a logo and marketing design team?? Are you THEN, not a BIG BALLER? 🤔 https://t.co/kIlvDadWWM
Some of us have genuine, original work to do... so I'm going to bed to catch this flight in the AM-New AVI tho... 😎💯


Smith's Zone 6 logo is reportedly not copyrighted, so this situation will never go anywhere beyond the court of public opinion, where LaVar Ball seems comfortable being in less-than-favorite positions. The ZO2, which starts at $495, is available to pre-order at bigballerbrand.com.