This Is Klay Thompson's Next Signature Sneaker

A first look at Klay Thompson's next signature shoe, the ANTA KT3.

ANTA KT 3 Get Stay Hot Profile

Golden State Warriors sharpshooter Klay Thompson is settling into his role as a signature sneaker athlete with the upcoming introduction of his third model, the ANTA KT3.

A marked improvement over the previous two KTs, the KT3 features a knit-constructed upper, locked in by a large performance cross-strap. Thompson's logo is centered on the strap, while the ANTA logo is applied to the forefoot. Below sits a thick rubber outsole with extended outriggers.

The KT3 is previewed here in "Get Hot, Stay Hot," "Home," "Away," "On Fire," "Veteran's Day," "Make It Rain" and "Halloween" colorways. Expect the shoe at select retailers, mainly in China, this fall.

ANTA KT 3 Get Hot Stay Hot Medial
ANTA KT 3 Colorways
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