The Air Jordan 1 KO Was Unbelievably Cheap in 1986

What a time to be alive.

Air Jordan 1 KO Cheap in 1986
Image via Stehny
Air Jordan 1 KO Cheap in 1986

Before its first retro in 2010, the Air Jordan 1 KO (or AJKO) was one of the most sought after collectibles in the sneaker hobby. Released in smaller quantities than the leather version, the canvas-constructed KO wasn't as well-received initially and was often viewed as a budget alternative. 

This vintage scan shared by Twitter user Stehny shows just how low prices reached on the OG AJKO. In 1986, retailer Sportmart tagged the shoe at $26.86, just a few more bucks than Dominique Wilkins' Brooks Majestic high-tops. Today, AJKOs still aren't exactly high-dollar sneakers (relatively speaking), but $26 dollars is a sweet deal regardless of era.

The sneaker of choice for @DWilkins21 in 1986 cost a hefty $22.96.