Watch Jaden Smith Trash Some Very Expensive Sneakers

Jaden Smith wears the Nike Air Mag in his latest video entitled "Fallen."

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The Nike Air Mag is one of the most expensive sneakers you can buy right now. Just last month, the last available pair of auto-lacing Air Mags sold for $200,000. Other pairs of the 2016 release have sold for more than $30,000 on eBay and even the 2011 version still commands thousands of dollars to own, but for Jaden Smith none of this means a thing. 

While some sneakerheads tend to bust out the Force Fields and sole protectors to keep their sneakers in pristine condition, Smith does the complete opposite. For his latest music video entitled "Fallen," he can be seen wearing Nike Air Mags while stumbling, dancing, spinning and laying in the dirt — all without a care in the world.

Its unclear which version of the Nike Air Mag he's wearing in the video, but either way, this is one expensive and completely unnecessary stunt. It must be nice being the son of Will Smith, one of the biggest actors in Hollywood.