Sneaker care kings Crep Protect has today launched a fresh range of ergonomic insoles, boldly named The Ultimate Gel Insoles.

The brand took its first step into the insole market last October, with a well-received range of three technical styles (Comfort, Impact and Sport). This time around, they’ve taken the science several strides further. The Ultimate Gel Insoles bring numerous ergonomic benefits to the table, for sneakerheads of all stripes and swooshes. 

Crep Protect Director Rizwan Ahmed explains the thinking: “We have looked at the pressure that feet undergo on a day to day basis and created a tailored solution that we believe will truly reshape the insole industry. We realise how important protection is and that goes for both our customer’s sneakers and posture.”

Gel cushioning at the heel and at the forefoot works to absorb shock, stabilise impact and distribute weight more evenly. A metatarsal pad helps to spread the load away from the ball of the foot and added arch support improves balance and posture. Anti-friction fabric prevents rubbing on the skin while preserving the shoe’s interior. Antibacterial shielding combats the build-up of funky odours. And as well as coming in six different sizes, you can trim your UGIs further to size if necessary for the shoe in question.

Bottom line? Crep Protect has unleashed the coldest insoles around – premium, customisable all-rounders that protect not only your feet, but your sneakers too.

Get The Ultimate Gel Insoles in your size now, direct from the Crep Protect website.