With a skateboarder as dedicated and timeless as Josh Kalis, everyone gets excited when news drops that he’ll be adding a new, updated classic to his DC Shoes line. Especially when it’s tricked out to be more versatile than ever.

DC Shoes’ new Kalis Vulc is a reimagining of the original Kalis OG that debuted in 1999, near the height of that decade’s teched-out skate shoe craze. Where the original was built for impact and was perfect for 360 flipping trash cans, the new model lends itself to today’s versatile, all-terrain skateboarding. 

Featuring the unmistakable design DNA of its oversized predecessors and performance-driven sibling styles, the Kalis Vulc arrives in an easy-to-wear, slimmed-down silhouette that can be worn across age, gender, and trend.

And just as Josh found fans in every facet of skateboarding—the cool kids, the nobodies, and everyone in between—DC now seeks to connect with the “unfollowers” as part of its “For Anyone Who’s Not Everyone” campaign. 

Like earlier versions, the Kalis Vulc keeps its signature side panel design, providing the same structural support, wear-resistant protection, and breathability as its legendary namesakes. This newest model ditches previous cupsole constructions for a vulcanized sole, which is easier to break in, making the shoe feel like one you’ve already been skating in for weeks as soon as you pull it out of the box. The vulc sole also allows for greater board-feel, so you’ll always know exactly where you stand.

Since first updating the line with the Kalis Slim in 2016, before adding the even-sleeker Kalis to celebrate the original model’s 20th anniversary in 2019, DC’s repeatedly reminded us why Josh’s skating and style transcend eras. 

Born in Michigan and immortalized in Philadelphia, far from skateboarding’s California mecca, Josh made a name for himself with impeccably popped flatground tricks and smooth grinds through the roughest ledges. He also became a figurehead for late-’90s street style, bringing crisp T-shirts, swishy pants, and a fresh approach to skating that made him unlike any other pro at the time. 

Today, Josh maintains that legacy not only through DC Shoes, but also by continuing to stack clips out in the streets. While his abilities have evolved over time, Josh's style, like his shoes, remain timeless and iconic, a combination the new Kalis Vulc embodies to the fullest. 

Kalis Vulcs are available online and in select skate shops worldwide. For more stories on Josh and the Kalis Vulc, be sure to check back in with Complex starting this March.