Crep Protect is not afraid to make serious noise about their products, going all out to demonstrate their strengths. For their latest showcase, the Air Jordan VI Travis Scott goes head to head with a tank. 

It almost seems like just yesterday that Crep Protect stepped onto the scene, first of all, delivering weather protection, before expanding their arsenal to cleaning and maintenance. From day dot they've been strong believers in their tools, going all out to showcase their cleaners vs the toughest of stains across an array of brands and fabrications. Their latest test goes all the way crazy and pits an army tank against the super popular Air Jordan VI Travis Scott to showcase the Eraser, suited best to buffing up scuffs on nubuck and suede. 

Take a look at what the eraser can do for yourself below. Although the Air Jordan VI Travis Scott quickly flew off sites and shelves upon release, pairs are still available via the secondary market on KLEKT.

All Images via Nike