For better or worse, the "fit pic" has become an integral part of the sneaker community in recent years. Hoards of individuals, "influencers" or otherwise, are guaranteed to be flexing their rarest and most expensive pairs on Instagram on any given day. If you've scrolled through the Explore page on Instagram in the past week or so, you may have seen some people trading in their Off-White x Nike collabs and Adidas Yeezys for a classic piece of footwear—the Skechers Diameter—courtesy of West Virginia native Nick Turani.

Turani is the operator of the @niceskechersdiameters Instagram page, an account that edits pairs of the lackluster low-top onto unsuspecting sneakerheads. 

"The main reason [I started the account] was to brush up on my Photoshop skills. I thought it would not only do that, but be harmless fun in the process," Turani tells Complex. "It all started with me just searching the hashtags #sneakerhead and #sneakers, but it soon evolved into people messaging me wanting to clown one of their friends."

While the "dad shoe" trend has led to certain individuals unironically wearing Nike Air Monarch IVs and praising high fashion takes on the chunky style like the Balenciaga Triple S, the Skechers Diameter never quite got its own cult following. It could never be mistaken as "cool" to complete your outfit with a pair. The complete lack of contemporary style that is showcased by the brown (or black) leather low-top made it perfect to unsuspectingly plaster over a good pair of sneakers. 


@businessandkicks with the GRAIL! Sketchers Diameter Vassell in mahogany!

A post shared by Skechers Diameter Fit Watch (@niceskechersdiameters) on Feb 13, 2019 at 6:57pm PST

"Sneaker culture is interesting to me. I don’t see anything wrong with being a sneakerhead, it’s a good hobby and can link you to come cool people for sure." said Turani. "I chose sneakerheads because it’s harmless fun. I hate when I see accounts clowning people in the gym, or over things people can’t control. This was innocent enough, and sneakerheads are vocal enough to get a fun reaction out of."

Despite the harmless intention of the account, the 26-year old says that he has already been contacted by people he has photoshopped that didn't take too kindly to the joke. "Literally the first one I did, the dude DM'ed me pretty annoyed, saying he was going to report the account."

So, why the Diameter in the first place? "It may very well be the perfect shoe for any situation; a job interview, first date, jogging, sex, you name it. Pair that with the price tag, and you’ve got a recipe for a good shoe."

Anyone bold enough to flex a pair of Skechers can acquire their pair here. Turani, while not a sneaker collector just yet, is keeping his footwear choices a little more tasteful.

"I cannot come close to being able to afford a collection. I wish though. For now, I’ll have to settle for my Vans."