From Cadillacs and Cartier frames to the refined tastes associated with the Motown Sound, Detroit has always been a city known in part for its style.

With an unmistakable Detroit swagger, Grammy Award nominated and platinum selling producer Key Wane struts through his old West Side stomping grounds in a pair of Puma Thunder Electrics. The young musician has always had a passion for sneakers and his neighborhood, as both have steadily played a major role in his life. Before traversing the globe off the strength of his talent, Key Wane, born Dwane Marshall Weir II, was just a kid from the city enjoying his sister's employee discount at Foot Locker.

Having crafted some of his biggest hits for Big Sean, a fellow Detroit native and frequent collaborator, Wane never allows the city to stray too far from his heart or his music. Evident in the "IDFWU" producer's approach to beat making, Detroit's spirit is as distinct as its fashion. Timeless soul samples, gospel choirs, and eerie yet surprisingly energetic synths all have their place in Key Wane's work.

Watch the above video for an inside look at the world in which that work was inspired.