French First Lady Brigitte Macron served as a top advisor to French President Emmanuel Macron during his defeat of far-right nationalist Marine Le Pen. Yet during a meeting with France's first couple last week, President Donald Trump was fixated on something other than Macron’s political acumen.

“You’re in such great shape…beautiful,” Trump was overheard saying during a meeting with the Macrons. Twitter users appropriately lit up Trump’s mentions for the objectification of an important political figure.

Athletic apparel company Reebok chimed in with a flow chart to help the Commander In Chief and those of his ilk understand when such remarks are appropriate.

“Are you in an elevator with a woman?” the chart asks. Other potential situations include being in the gym working out next to a woman and being introduced to a potential mother-in-law.

The chart leads to the conclusion that there’s basically one set of circumstances where it’s appropriate to repeat Trump’s remarks to Macron.

“Did you just find a forgotten action figure from your youth, unscathed after decades, in your parents’ basement?” the chart asks, before directing viewers to the only instance of a “Yes” answer.

As footage of last week’s meeting in France emerged, Trump was also seen engaging in his regular practice of a “power grab” handshake with President and First Lady Macron. For those keeping count, it took the only President famous for admitting to groping women and asking for his predecessor’s birth certificate roughly six months to get mocked by a major athletic brand. Make America great again, indeed.