With five seconds left in the game, Michael Jordan jumped, extended his arms, and willed his team to victory as his shot fell through the hoop at the sound of the buzzer. 78 - 77. Game. Add it to the list of Jordan’s game winners. But let’s take a closer look at the play. When Jordan took flight, he left his feet at center court. And when he extended his arm, he stretched it out the length of the half-court—with two aliens clinging on to him. We’re not in the United Center. We’re not even on Planet Earth. This isn’t the NBA Finals. The stakes are much higher. Welcome to the Space Jam.

This was the final play in the 1996 cult classic film. An intersection between sport and popular culture, Space Jam saw Michael Jordan lead the Tune Squad, an undersized team made up of key Looney Tunes characters, against a group of aliens called the Nerdlucks who stole the powers of five NBA players, including Charles Barkley and Patrick Ewing, to form a super team known as the Monstars.

With the film’s 20th anniversary upon us, Jordan Brand is ready to reintroduce Space Jam to a new generation—a group that may not have even been born when the film made its debut. Like anything Jordan Brand does, it’s all about the story. In this case, it has an entire film to draw inspiration from: the game-winning play, the Tune Squad, Bugs Bunny, and, of course, Michael Jordan. But to celebrate 20 years, Jordan Brand moves its focus away from our favorite cartoon dream team. Instead, it wants to tell the story of the antagonists, the Monstars.

Air Jordan XI "Space Jam" 2016 Retro

“The story is going to center around the Monstars coming back,” says Whitney Chapman, Jordan Brand’s Vice President and General Manager of Categories. “They’re going to be seeking revenge for the 1996 loss to the Tune Squad.”

Air Jordan XI

To signify this comeback, Jordan Brand is using propaganda centered around the Monstars and the theme, “Comply.” The Monstars’ return will help launch “Space Jam” colorways of the IX and XI, two signature sneakers that were prominent in the film. The latter, arguably one of the most cherished Air Jordan sneakers, returns in its most accurate retro iteration to date with the number 45 embroidered on the heel tab.

Air Jordan 9

“We were able to get from Warner Bros. the O.G. shoe Michael wore in the film,” says Jordan Brand Creative Director David Creech. “We were able to re-engineer the patent leather to actually be the exact specifications of what was done 20 years ago.”

While the brand is looking back to commemorate the past, it’s also moving forward with a “Space Jam” version of its latest signature model, the XXXI. It’s an organic move that helps bridge the gap between old and new.

Air Jordan XXX1 Space Jam

“Anytime we can add the style and soul and the story of the shoe, and apply it to our most innovative product, it creates the future for us,” Creech says.

Apparel also plays a role to complement the sneakers. It’s a mix of ‘90s nostalgia, like the original Tune Squad jersey and all-over print galaxy T-shirt, and newer products with signature Space Jam graphics, like the ‘Hamlet’-inspired rabbit skull on a coaches jacket.

Space Jam Clothing Collection

By using the Monstars to lead the 20th anniversary celebration, Jordan Brand is able to explore the theme of good versus evil in a compelling way that engages both old and new fans of the film. “It really is through the lens of the Monstars and taking a fresh new approach to it versus going back,” Chapman says. “The new consumer has some defiance in there. How do you rise up?”

In the film, Jordan and the Tune Squad banded together to do the unthinkable, defeat the Monstars. Fast-forward twenty years later, and the message still rings true. “We wanted to motivate our consumer and help them to defy the odds that they might have coming up against the face of adversity,” Chapman says. “It’s going to be a really positive campaign.”