Buying and selling your sneakers online just got a lot easier thanks to the guy who brought you Campless

Following last year's investment from Cleveland Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert, Campless founder Josh Luber has formally introduced StockX, a website that functions both as an online marketplace and stock market for hyped up sneakers. As you might remember, this is something Luber talked about extensively in his TED Talk last October and now, it's become a reality.

By using Campless' Kelly Blue Book-like method of mining data to deliver accurate, real-time price guides for in-demand shoes, StockX will make transactions more fair for buyers and sellers alike. Luber says that StockX will add more transparency to the sneaker resell market by providing users with up-to-the-minute numbers and on-demand pricing history. While eBay and other avenues are controlled solely by the seller, StockX will serve as a moderator of sorts to ensure that sneaker prices are as "fair" as possible.

"The online secondary sneaker market has been around for more than 15 years, and it has grown exponentially during that time, but up until today, was still using outdated e-commerce platforms designed in the late '90s," Luber said. 

Not only will StockX provide real-time pricing, but it will also function as a middleman for transactions to verify that all shoes are authentic and as described, seeking to alleviate yet another one of the headaches that often comes with online sneaker shopping.

The site's layout is not unlike what you might find on CNN Money or Market Watch, with updates, insights, and trends for individual sneakers — there's even a real-time ticker that scrolls across the bottom of the screen. 

Eventually, Luber hopes to grow StockX into a "stock market of things," that will cover a wide variety of products outside of sneakers. For now, the marketplace boasts 17,000 sneakers which you can shop right now at