As Kobe Bryant's farewell tour continues, fans in opposing NBA cities are getting one last time to see the Black Mamba play. Fans aren't just limited to the people in the stands, though. Many of the players that Bryant is competing against grew up watching him play. One of those players in Golden State Warriors star Draymond Green, who was on the receiving end of a special gift from Bryant after yesterday's game.

Draymond took to Twitter to share Bryant's game-worn Nike Kobe XIs, which featured his autograph and a message reading "Make History," referring the the Warriors potential record-setting season. This is a gift that any basketball fan would cherish, but has to mean a lot to Green, who admitted to being "star struck" by Bryant when he entered the league. With Bryant already gifting game-worn sneakers to Kevin Durant and Green, we're sure upcoming opponents will be hoping to receive some next.