Kobe Bryant is in the middle of singing his NBA swan song, and it's resulted in getting special treatment at every arena he goes. Players who grew up watching and facing off against Bryant want to show their admiration for the NBA legend, and the latest to do so is Kevin Durant.

After the Los Angeles Lakers got thumped by Durant's Oklahoma City Thunder, 120-85, Bryant and Durant exchanged sneakers after the game, according to Sports Illustrated.

Image via SI/Lakers Nation

Durant walked away with a pair of signed Nike Kobe X Elites, which read, “To KD: Be the greatest.” 

But he was a little bit embarrassed by the sneaker swap, too. "Yeah, don’t tell nobody though, man,” Durant said, in reference to sneaker trade. “I don’t want to be looked at as a softie.”

It looks like Durant, in this case, is the real MVP, as he scored a mantlepiece in Bryant's sneakers.