Ever since Michael Jordan defied gravity is his sneakers, people have been proclaiming "it's gotta be the shoes," a line made famous by Spike Lee in 80's Air Jordan commercials. By now, sneaker fans are more than familiar with what shoes are made of, from materials to color ways, but now someone is actually giving us a peek into what's actually inside of them. The Sneaker Chop has taken to his Youtube channel to take a number of Air Jordan sneakers to the "chopping block," in order to reveal what lies within your prized Air Jordans.
Some of the sneakers featured are the Air Jordan IX, X, and XIs, which may cause some viewers to cringe after seeing their favorite models chopped apart. While we've seen people destroy sneakers for attention in the past, it looks like this guy is doing this to genuinely show people what their sneakers are made of, and some of the internal differences between models. For all the talk about sneaker designs and quality these days, it's cool to see what's really inside some of the most popular sneakers. 
Check out his channel for more Air Jordan chop ups, as well as other sneaker brands.