It's the end of an era in Berlin, as one of the co-founding brothers behind Solebox has announced that his tenure with the sneaker boutique has come to a close.

Hikmet Sugoer took to Instagram earlier today to share his reasons for leaving the store. From the sounds of his post, this was hardly an easy decision, but a number of contributing factors have led him here, most notably a shake-up in the company's structure when it was purchased by retailer Snipes two years ago. 

As he moves on from his post at Solebox, Sugoer's contributions to sneaker culture surely won't be forgotten any time soon. In 2006, he and his team helped usher in the popularity of runner collaborations and color-blocked toe boxes with their "Purple Devil" New Balance pack. More recently, Solebox introduced the sneaker store of the future by putting a robot in its stock room. 

You can read Sugoer's touching message in its entirety below. Keep it locked here to find out what's coming next from one of the most creative minds in sneakers.

Dear Solebox,

I am writing you this because there’s something I want you to know:
Our relationship had a nice start two years ago, we knew each other for 12 years before being part of Snipes and this love affair began because between you and me was something special with so much potential.
At the beginning of our relationship things were very nice, we loved and respected one to each other and enjoyed being together every day, but as the months went by I began to feel different with everything around you.
We have had many people with different opinions about our relationship in our day to day, which were very passion consuming. 
Lately we have been making our effort to try to remedy things but we have not gotten results.
The good memories I have are with you and it saddens me to think that they will be just part of the past. I can hardly tell you this, but ours can’t continue. 
Solebox, you are a great concept and I like you but the magic is over. Solebox without the Soul...I mean only a box. Like many other boxes
It is sad to know that our relationship has come to this point but I feel I can’t do anything. The love I felt once is gone. Do not try to see who is guiltier, we need to accept that it ended.
Accepting this decision was not easy for me, and I know it will hurt you but it is better not continue hurting us.

I will always remember you with esteem.

Hikmet Sugoer