The watch community has fakewatchbusta on Instagram to call out bootleg timepieces and now Yeezy fans have a new IG account to keep those stuntin' in fugazi Yeezys in check.

A new Instagram account by the name of yeezybusta - an obvious nod or rip-off of the aforementioned fakewatchbusta, depending on how you see it - has popped up and is quickly assembling quite a following. And just like its contemporary puts owners of fake watches on blast, yeezybusta savagely calls out individuals spotted on the 'Gram rocking or showing off, you guessed it, fake Yeezys.

It goes without saying that folks do take great joy in showing off their prized Yeezys on social media. And while many might deserve some humble pie through an exposure, it's going to be a quite a rude awakening for folks who genuinely thought they copped a legit pair. Education through embarrassment. Whatever the case, Instagram is now officially a "No Flex Zone" for heads and their "Feezys."