Earlier today, adidas officially released its much hyped "Black" Yeezy 750 Boost. With adi choosing to forgo an official launch time, plenty of heads spent their mornings constantly hitting their web browser's refresh button in hopes that they would luck out and be able to cop what was, without a doubt, the most coveted release of this holiday season.

Even without an official launch time, the Yeezys, as expected, crashed adidas' site and quickly sold out. And like all the previously hyped sneakers before it, sneakerheads took to Twitter afterwards to voice their opinions, complaints, and general sentiments regarding its release. Here are a few of the choicest ones from today's drop:


Just keep believing and trying and one day it'll happen. You'll probably need an incredible bot, though.

It's just not you.

Even the powers of Based God might not be enough to help you with Yeezys.

Saltiness leads to sleepiness.


How's that rock you were sleeping under?

The anger in your tweet is hilarious.

"the whole fucking day..." Oh the struggle.

Bang. Bang.

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