There's no doubt that Jalen Rose and his Fab 5 teammates helped put the Nike Air Flight Huarache on the map in a major way, but was it actually his signature shoe? To hear him tell it, yes, it was.

On the most recent episode of ESPN's "Jalen & Jacoby" podcast, Rose and his partner David Jacoby end up on the topic of Victor Cruz's new Nike sneaker, which prompts Jacoby to ask Rose if he ever had a signature sneaker of his own. 

"David Jacoby, you need to get drug tested. Did I have a signature shoe? Have you ever heard of Huaraches?," Rose said without missing a beat.

Jacoby argues that they weren't actually Rose's signature shoe — which is true — causing Rose to recount a trip that the Michigan Fab 5 took to a Nike store in Chicago. "Those were Fab 5 Nikes... There was a display and that's exactly what it said. Just because I wasn't getting paid for it doesn't mean I wasn’t part of having a signature shoe."

Although Rose definitely has a point, we can't help but feel like he's taking one too many liberties here. At the end of the day, the Air Flight Huarache was never officially attached to any player.

Listen to the podcast here. The Huarache story begins right around the 37 minute mark.

Image via Sole Collector


[h/t Sneaker News]