Apparently it's Crazy 3D Printing Sneaker Technology Weel and we didn't get the memo. After a Nike exec said that 3D printed sneakers will show up sooner than we think, Adidas hit us with a bit of their own news regarding 3D printing. The concept is simple: Using 3D printing, they'll be able to make a midsole specially formed and cushioned to the needs of your foot. If you're a runner, have flat feet or high arches, walk with a limp or have some specific need for better foot care, this shit could be life-changing. The implementation would be even better. You'd go into an Adidas store, hop on the treadmill for a few minutes and voila, new shoe specifically tailored for you. In fancy business speak:

Creating a flexible, fully breathable carbon copy of the athlete's own footprint, matching exact contours and pressure points, it will set the athlete up for the best running experience. Linked with existing data sourcing and footscan technologies, it opens unique opportunities for immediate in-store fittings.

Like we said before, what a time to be alive. Expect more announcements surrounding Adidas' Futurecraft 3D soon.