Think back for a moment to your days as a middle schooler and imagine walking into a classroom to find a presentation centered around Kanye West's presidential bid. Then, think about how cool it would be if your teacher pulled out his personal collection of Yeezy sneakers to pass around. Sounds pretty dope, right? For 8th grade students at Kamehameha Schools Kapālama in Hawaii, this sort of lesson has become the norm.

Teacher Ray Parker, better known to his students as Mr. Ray, has teamed up with a group of like-minded instructors for a program they call Flash Mob learning. The idea behind this strategy is to use current events as a way to better connect with the students. Instead of a mundane math or history lesson, Flash Mob learning allows the teachers at the native Hawaiian school to get students more involved and excited by presenting the information through a pop culture lens.

For his latest lesson, Mr. Ray and a fellow teacher whipped up a lecture called "Can Kanye West Run for President?" First, Mr. Ray gave the kids a brief rundown of Kanye's career, then passed around a collection of Nike and adidas Yeezys for the students to admire. "I jokingly told them that they can only touch the shoes if they washed their hands, I was partially kidding," Mr. Ray said.

From there, the lesson veered into the requirements for a presidential candidate as laid out by the U.S. Constitution and other topics such as primary elections, caucuses, and the Electoral College. Best history lesson ever? We think so.

With Kanye's emphasis on the voice of the youth during Sunday's VMA speech, this sounds like a perfect opportunity for him to visit Mr. Ray's class and gain some early support for 2020.