It's no secret that the quickest and easiest way to ruin a dope pair of sneakers is by pairing them with ill-fitting pants, but this probably isn't the solution that sneakerheads had in mind.

A German-based brand known as Sneakerjeans has just launched a Kickstarted campaign for what it calls "NYC-inspired denim created for sneakerheads" who "love to wear an awesome pair of sneakers like Air Jordan or Yeezy."  

Umm, okay. It's all good in theory, and we definitely see what they were trying to do, but man, could these pants be any less attractive?

Not only are these Sneakerjeans a few years late to the jogger pants wave, but they really don't look all that great to begin with. Denim joggers were already one of the worst things to come out of that movement — why not just opt for a clean taper or pinroll instead? — and now this brand has chosen to use them as their flagship style. 

In fairness to the brand, it's based in Germany which, although it's plenty fashionable, isn't exactly setting the streetwear scene on fire. Some things are just better left to the experts, fam.

Nevertheless, you can check out some of Sneakerjeans' looks below and support its campaign here.