Marshawn Lynch has been known to go "Beast Mode" on the football field, and now he's taking that same approach to fake sneakers.

Market Watch is reporting that Lynch, a running back for the Seattle Seahawks, is an investor in Chronicled, a company that's inserting "Smart Labels" onto sneakers to verify that they're authentic. 

Chronicled, which was founded in San Francisco in 2014, has amassed over $1,400,000 in investments so far. The Smart Labels will allow people to check via a phone app if the sneakers in question are real or not. 

"Our technology lets consumers know if their products are authentic at the tap of a mobile phone," Co-Founder and CPO Sam Radocchia said. "It also provides brands and retailers with a new platform to engage with the consumer beyond the point of sale and to issue limited-edition products."

Consumers can expect Chronicled to launch in Fall 2015.