Are these sneakers? Are these boots? It doesn't really matter because sometimes greatness defies genre. Case in point, the fact that no one knows exactly what Future is. Rapper? R&B singer? Performance artist? Drug addict? It doesn't matter. Just sit back and let greatness wash over you. These Neighborhood x Adidas shell toe boots are for the sneaker-wearer who hates winter because he's afraid of the salt and snow ruining his kicks. They're a perfect compromise between sneakers and rugged boots and come with a wild comfortable crepe sole. The sand option is probably the best, but there's also a murdered out pair that's a bit more expensive. These are a shoe I feel like we'll all look back on in a while and wish we copped when we see that one friend who only buys a single new jawn every couple of months wearing them and realize how great of an acquisition it was. Avoid the shell toe woes at all costs.