Jim Jones' sneaker game is consistently on point, but in a new interview with Sneaker Watch, he admits that fellow Dipset member Cam'ron probably has more kicks in the stash than he does. 

When asked which Diplomat has the biggest sneaker collection, Jones says that although he has thousands of pairs, many have been misplaced over the years and that Cam probably has more heat in storage, including gems from as far back as 1999. "I don't know where all my sneakers are from '99 and 2000," Jones said.

Jones then admits that his abundant collection sometimes makes him feel like a hoarder, and that he often has to talk himself into getting rid of pairs that he knows he'll never wear again.

Still, is there one pair that he couldn't part with under any circumstances? Of course — the Air Jordan VI, which is exactly what he copped when we took him shopping at Flight Club back in 2011. Check out the full clip from Sneaker Watch below.