There are sneaker collectors, there are sneaker resellers, and then there's Jordan Geller, the man behind the ShoeZeum. Since 2012, Geller has been selling off his record-setting collection piece-by-piece, and he's still not done.

Speaking with USA Today, Geller recently broke down the history behind the ShoeZeum, including the origins of his interest — the fact that he and Michael Jordan share the "same" name — and actually getting banned from factory stores by Nike.

But the biggest takeaway from the ShoeZeum's recent developments is that Geller has almost achieved the unthinkable and sold off the bulk of his sprawling collection. Currently, Geller's eBay Store includes just 189 items, many of which are gear and collectibles other than sneakers. USA Today notes that he's down to roughly 500 pairs and is slowly selling them off in bunches. Each pair comes complete with a Certificate of Authenticity.

Still, not everything is up for the taking. In the Instagram post below, Geller mentions that he'll be hanging onto the "Copper" Nike Air Foamposite Ones because of their sentimental value.