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What good is a pair of sneakers if you’re not going to wear them? Even if they’re the most hyped sneaker of the season, they're designed to be worn like any other pair.

Hip-hop producer, Just Blaze, took that sentiment to heart this weekend after he ran his pair of Kanye West x adidas Yeezy Boost 350s into the ground. Or, rather, into the mud. He tweeted a photo of them from the NASS Festival on Sunday afternoon with the caption “RIP.”

If Just Blaze spends a little time with them, he can surely clean them up, giving them a second life that he could spend skating in them and destroying for real. Or maybe he was just breaking them in enough to deter potential thieves from taking them off his feet. Either way, Just Blaze proves that living in your shoes is the move. 

[via justblaze on Twitter]