We’ve watched start-up sneaker brand Great rise up from the beginning with just a few sneakers and a goal: to change what consumers expect from their sneakers. Their model makes it that buyers have access to sneakers at a higher quality and lower price than the market is accustomed to, providing a unique experience. Over the last year and a half they’ve released dozens of sneakers in a ton of different silhouettes and colorways. But they’re about to break their own mold.

Greats co-founder Ryan Babenzien took to Instagram this weekend to show off the heel of what looks like a new project for them. A khaki colored suede boot sits on top of a Goodyear welted sole with metal hardware and workboot inspired lacing.

If Greats stays in line with what they’ve done before, we should expect these to be manufactured in Europe, placing them in the same space as Diemme or similarly high-end European boot companies.

Babenzien captions the photo “Fall shows up fast,” implying that we should expect to see more about this project next season. Stay tuned.

[via ryanbbabenzien on Instagram]