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The last few days some photos of a liquid gold Air Jordan 1 has been making the rounds and we found the source.

Despite obvious hopes for release, the shoes are actually a custom made pair. The custom Air Jordan 1s were created by Instagram user @368sneakers. The Korean sneaker customizer has made a handful of Nike sneakers with python skins, but for these Jordan 1s he produced them from raw materials rather than merely painting leather. Mirrored metallic materials are pretty rare when it comes to sneakers - it is far more often the case that sneaker brands and customizers use colored leathers. (It should be noted that before posting these new customs he posted a picture of Liquid Gold Air Force 1s, which makes us afraid of where he got the materials. We hope he didn't cannibalize those!)

To see more of 368sneakers’ work, check out his Instagram, 


[via 368sneakers on Instagram]