Are you devoted enough to a cause that you would go out into the world just to preach the good word? Granted, this is a little different than shilling for Jesus, but if you're dedicated enough to the Swoosh, you too can get out there, spread the news and get paid for it. Sole Collector just wrote up a piece about the Nike "EKINs." Yep, that's Nike backwards.

Rather than going door-to-door selling vacuums or some shit, EKINs go out and sell the concept and mission of Nike. It started back with Phil Knight and lives on today as experts on the latest Nike technology and products tell the brand's stories and break it all down for sneaker stores worldwide. Landing the gig doesn't require a typical interview either, but a impassioned speech about something the potential EKIN cares about. They're the type of dudes that end up at the company for life and even get Nike's iconic Swoosh tattooed on their fucking bodies. This is not a game. I repeat, THIS IS NOT A GAME.

If you're trying to catch vapors, there are a couple of spots open in Mexico right now. Go forth young man and do the lord's work.

[Photo via Sole Collector]