By now the story has been etched into the memory of everyone who vaguely follows sports in America. Michael Jordan didn't make the varsity basketball team at Laney High School in North Carolina as a sophomore and had to play on the junior varsity team instead. Jordan's connection to his former school has been strong over the years, most notably seen on the "Laney" Air Jordans Vs. Recently, Jordan Brand did something generous for Laney High, giving the school's gymnasium a makeover.

The local ABC affiliate is reporting that Laney's Michael Jordan Gymnasium has received a facelift courtesy of Jordan Brand. According to the article, "The lights are brand new and state of the art. Plus, a lot of paint can go a long way. It’s clean, it’s fresh and the pictures of Michael Jordan on the wall have been updated."

The renovations were finished just in time for the annual Fred Lynch Invitational. For those wondering if sneakers were somehow involved in these process, the answer is yes. “The kids that play here at Laney on the court get to play in the new Jordans, put them on, kinda like a trial, and then they turn those shoes in when they get back playing," coach Nathan Faulk said.

For all the criticism that Jordan Brand has received in the past, this is a positive move for the company as a whole.

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