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Allen Iverson is celebrating his fortieth birthday. For many, like Creative Director Nick DePaula, it’s unbelievable. The name Allen Iverson has come to be synonymous with so many things from the past twenty years, but aging isn’t one of them. The bold voice that Iverson has brought to everything he’s touched, be it his sportsmanship, his relationship with Reebok, music, hip hop, and entertainment, all felt reached out of time. He is an instigator and a challenger. A figure who is ageless and omnipresent.

As the milestone approached, DePaula dove deep into the worlds Iverson has touched, conducting more than twenty interviews with Iverson and the people who knew him best, worked with him most closely, and understand the man from the outside. DePaula’s presentation of these stories (many never before heard) is comprehensive in its most literal sense. Check out The Rise of Allen Iverson and Reebok Basketball on