Do you remember when Kanye West was railing against Nike and Jordan Brand in 2013? Of course you do. One of Ye's most controversial proclamations came during his unforgettable rant on Sway in the Morning, where he said, "The Jordans are only popular at this point because of two people — me and Don C. Because Don C was ordering them vintage Jordans when the IVs used to break apart at the sole. We were wearing them with the Louis Vuitton backpacks with the Polos. Brand Jordan looked at us and said, 'Oh man, we've got to start retroing them.'"

The comments sparked a seemingly endless debate, with Yeezy stans ​fervently defending their idol while O.G. heads argued that retro Js were popping long before Kanye came along. Now, one of the biggest collectors in the game is offering his two cents on the Ye's assertion.

Linking up once again with Sneaker Watch, Mayor didn't hold back on the subject. "Let Just Don and Kanye tell everyone that they started that. I remember Just Don and Kanye telling everyone that they're responsible for retros being retroed... That sh*t was a comical comment to me," he told DJ Vlad, the host of the video and owner of Sneaker Watch.

The Kanye Effect exists in one form or another, but you might not want to talk to Mayor about it.

[via Sneaker Watch]