Fresh off the release of his major label debut Mr. Wonderful, Action Bronson just got his hands on a pair of runners that most 'heads in the States don't even have.

Bronson hit the 'Gram with a photo of the Nike Air Huarache NM, thanking Mano, Kanye's old DJ, for literally giving him the pair off his feet. While the rest of us await a stateside drop for these futuristic Huaraches, Bronson's got his plug no matter where it comes from.

You may remember Mano making headlines last year after revealing that he resold his 'Red October' Yeezys  for a cool $4,000. Perhaps this is penance for trying to make a quick buck off his former employer?

Bronson closed the post by mentioning he left a gift for Mano at the hotel reception. Let's hope it was some good herb.

[via @bambambaklava]