It's no surprise that there's a lot of money to be made from reselling sneakers. Combine thirst with a price insensitive market and you end up with sneakers that easily go for double—sometimes triple or quadruple—the MSRP.

We all see the prices on eBay and consignment stores like Flight Club, but how does this all translate into actual sales numbers for resellers? Sneaker data site Campless put together an in-depth analysis of the top 25 eBay sellers from 2014, and, well, resellers FLOURISHED.

According to Campless, the top two sellers, SoleSupremacySales and TheCoolShoeShine, had $2.71M and $1.79M in sales last year, respectively. If you combine their figures ($4.5M) and put it up against the total from the 23 other top resellers that cracked the list ($4.1M), it's no competition. SoleSupremacySales and TheCoolShoeShine are still up by about $400K.

Campless also analyzed the top sneakers that drove the most sales for these 25 resellers and the Air Jordan XI Low "Concord" took the top spot, making up more than $212K of sales. This was followed by two other XIs in the "Bred" and "Gamma Blue."

[via Campless]