adidas is trying to make sneakerheads' lives easier with its new app Confirmed. Released Tuesday on iTunes and Google Play, the app relies on geo-targeting and allows shoppers to reserve limited sneakers from a nearby store. This kind of reservation system should theoretically put an end to typical problems that come with highly sought-after products, like rigged raffles and online bots.

Despite adidas' efforts to take an aggressive stance on these issues, it seems some sneakerheads are already trying to beat the system.

When Confirmed launched yesterday morning, it was revealed that the first launch, rumored to be the Kanye West x adidas collaboration, would be exclusive to New York City. So, if you downloaded the app and are all the way in California, you're basically out of luck because, based on your location, you wouldn't be in what the app considers the "zone" of the launch. In fact, unless you're in the five boroughs of NYC when the product is available for reservation, you won't be alerted at all.

Sneakerheads on the popular NikeTalk forum have already been trying to figure out possible workarounds, specially as it relates to the app's GPS restrictions. Many are resorting to using apps designed to spoof the GPS location on your mobile device.

"Get a GPS mock app," NikeTalk user Turnon wrote. "I'm in Atlanta currently and am 'in the zone.' I'm just gonna use a friend's name/info and have her get 'em if I get a reservation."

Another member, Vapormercury," confirmed the GPS spoof technique, writing "Just used location faker to access the app."

"This too will be manipulated," wrote the Houston-based MrForce1, sharing a screenshot of his app and his status as being in the zone of the launch.

While it seems these tactics will allow shoppers not in the designated zone of the launch to reserve the sneakers, it doesn't solve the next step in the process: Picking up the sneakers at the local store. That is, unless, they plan to actually travel to NYC to get the sneakers.

The app specifically states that you will need a valid reservation in Confirmed to pay for and pick up the sneakers in-store. How exactly the reservation is verified has not been revealed. Will store associates have to see the reservation from the actual app on your phone? That certainly makes sense, and would create more obstacles for non-locals who asked a friend from the other side of the country for a favor.

Then there's another technique: Waiting for the launch to hit your area. After all, adidas has explicitly stated in the FAQ section of Confirmed that there will be future launches that are available in additional cities. But, as we should all know by now, dedicated sneakerheads (and resellers) will go to great lengths just to get their hands on a sneaker with this much hype attached to it.