Wow, the Complex family is really coming with the fire content today, especially in regards to sneakers. Sole Collector just posted this mini-documentary about the release of the Nike Dunk SB low collaboration with Jeff Staple of Reed Space that in retrospect has effectively become the tipping point of sneaker culture. I don't know about you, but I wasn't into sneakers 10 years ago. The community we know today as a behemoth of consumers and collectors was much smaller and tight knit, at least from an outsider's perspective. Today, the release of this particular sneaker has become a sort of dividing line—Before Release (B.R.) and After Release (A.R.)—that serves as the genesis for the modern day sneakerhead.

The story is told in one tight package about how the shoe and release date was announced, and how people showed up three days before to camp out...for a shoe that they hadn't even seen. Then, hours before the release, people showed up to basically rob those already standing in line, knowing they had a good amount of money on them, prompting the store to arrange taxis to take home customers out the back door. The next day, even the New York Post picked up on the story, turning it into a classic Post headline. Check out the entire video for your history lesson of the day and a little insight into why it's practically impossible for you to actually buy a cool sneaker in 2015.