I don't pop my head in here to write about products very often. But every once in a while, something floats across the timeline and, in accordance with keeping the Four Pins brand on point, must be written about. These white/gum sole Stan Smiths are included in that blood oath. We get it, Stan Smiths are basic and reached a saturation point, like, six months ago. We're on your side there. However, there will always be something about a simple white sneaker with an old school gum sole on it that tickles the fancy of footwear enthusiasts everywhere. I'd seen leaked photos of these floating around the Internet for the past few weeks and now they're finally here. The fact remains that you probably need a new pair of white sneakers to grill out in with your boys come Memorial Day or some shit and these are $75, the standard price of Stan Smiths right now. Sure, the gum sole looks like it has some weird white paint splatters on it, but you can probably loosen that off with some acetone if you're that fucking desperate or just lie to yourself about how it's inline with that coveted Margiela aesthetic. Get these and just keep them on ice until the weather gets warmer and the sidewalks get clearer. There, I just saved you time and money.