I don't know about you guys, but I run a fairly strict Chinese, no shoes on in the house policy. Whenever I go back to China to visit relatives, I buy a grip of Nike and Adidas bootleg slides so that my house guests can have some house shoes when they visit. I always reserve the real Adidas slides for myself because the only reason for having friends over to your house is to subtly flex on them. These Adidas x Raf Simons slides are way too expensive for what they are, but they do have a pendant that can, like, flap around while you pad around your meager living quarters. Everyone will think you left the tag on, but who cares? You just invited them over for some sort of alcohol-infused French toast and banging bloodies, they can deal with your details while you walk to the record player for the fortieth time because you thought it would be cooler than just setting up a Spotify playlist, you fucking idiot.