Filling Pieces is no stranger to using the most luxurious materials around. They’re ones to just make a shoe that’s all over python and dare you to think it’s for something other than them just being bosses. Their latest collaboration is no different, and no joke.

Pairing up with Verso, a luxury brand out of Antwerp, Belgium, Filling Pieces has gone all out. The shelves of the converted 16th Century mansion that is Verso are filled with named like Ferragamo, Armani, and Valentino, so it’s only natural that the collaboration would be lavish.

The classic Filling Pieces Low Top is made up almost entirely of authentic black stingray skin, buffeted by black leather. Naturally, the Margom soles are black, as well as the waxed cotton laces, and come with a dust bag and shoetrees. Even the lining is blacked out, dressing up these sneakers to the next level. Don't forget, stingrays are deadly, and they murdered this shoe.

This is Verso’s first ever sneaker collaboration. Not a bad foot to start off on.

The shoes release November 15th at their Antwerp store. Check out Verso’s website, or for a preview.

[via Filling Pieces]