Player Exclusive sneakers are a canvas that brands can use to make something really special. For Boston Red Sox player Shane Victorino, a pair of PE Zoom Revis achieved exactly that.

These Complex exclusive photos of Victorino’s PEs show off just how special they are. The all red upper is a nod to The Flyin’ Hawaiian’s home team, while Victorino’s jersey number, 18, shares space with Darrelle Revis’ own, 24. Victorino’s home state can be seen through the icy outsole, deep in the shoe, like Victorino’s deep connection to the archipelago state. Finally, and most importantly, the names of Victorino’s children are printed on the straps. Kali’a, his daughter’s name, is Hawaiian for “flower.” Kingston, his son’s name, is a reference to Jamaica, the home of Bob Marley whose song, “Three Little Birds,” is Victorino’s at bat music, and a reminder that "every little thing is gunna be alright."

These are PEs, so don’t expect to get these in your grasp. Look with your eyes, kids, not with your hands.

Thanks to Darrelle Revis and John Geiger for passing these over so we could share them with you.