The shoe that everyone thought was Kanye's, the Adidas Originals Tubular, is coming out in just a couple of weeks. In the lead up to the release, Adidas dropped this short snippet with the lead designer of the project, Nic Galway. Surprisingly, he actually has some really good stuff to say about the design process behind the shoes. Normally, these types of videos and interviews end up with some real wack PR speak. Not this time.

Galway wanted to bring something new to the DNA of Adidas Originals, which, at its heart, is a fairly basic line of shoes. So, he went into the archives and took inspiration from the initial Tubular collection from the '90s. The tech back then hadn't caught up to the ideas that drove the collection, but now, in 2014, the tech is there, ushering in the new and improved Tubular collection. In the end he wanted to create a striking silhouette and spent a majority of the time working on the last to build the shoe around. Complete with a neoprene sock liner and the signature EVA Tube sole, these things are some real fucking dope futuristic kicks—very Y-3-esque without the price tag, so you can get your goth ninj fit on point at an affordable price. The Adidas Tublar drops in four colorways on November 21st.