Much has changed since 1996. One thing remains the same, however: Michael Jordan is still the greatest basketball player we’ve ever seen. He’s still the man, too. Yet, in February of that year, there were question marks.

Jordan was coming off an embarrassing loss to the Orlando Magic in the Eastern Conference Playoffs the year prior, and even though the Bulls had turned the rest of the league into meatloaf throughout the ’95-96 season’s first half, you had some folks touting Grant Hill as the next Jordan, Shaquille O’Neal as the next something, and Penny Hardaway as the next everything. Jordan? He was still the dude. He was also old.

So when NBA All-Star Weekend took over San Antonio, Jordan set about proving to everyone around the world that he wasn’t finished yet. He joked with Shaq, and played him one-on-one. He pulled down Penny’s pants, then laughed about it. He rocked the Columbia Air Jordan XI. And he won the MVP. Mike was back. Officially. Everyone else just had to fall in line.

Almost 20 years later we’re presenting you with the Jordan River Walk Pack from Champs Sports to celebrate that weekend. Featuring all of the classic colors—teal and pink, especially—the pack will have you stunting on and off the court with everything from cuffed pants to the brand new Jordan Super.Fly 3. You’ll never be Mike. You should definitely try, though.

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