In a recent interview, infamously successful Mickey Drexler, the chairman and CEO of J.Crew, admitted to resisting the temptation to step into the performance apparel market: "Where we thought about being in, was the active professional kind of business, the yoga or the Under Armour kind of business, but we're not getting in because we don't have the expertise to do that...We're pretty satisfied with the breadth of our products. And now it's a matter of the correct expansion, correct design involvement, and quality."

Props to J.Crew for knowing where their expertise lies, but it's hard to pretend that we aren't a bit disappointed. A caged match with Jenna Lyons and Kevin Plank would be something to see.

In the meantime, it looks like J.Crew will continue to pull inspiration from athletic sources. A clutch spotted in their Spring 2015 collection could be mistaken for classic soccer shoe and mesh skirts look like they were pulled straight out of gym class.

A photo posted by Calvy Click (@clickmasterflex) on

A photo posted by Calvy Click (@clickmasterflex) on


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