Flesh-toned sneakers can be problematic because if someone sees you wearing them from afar they might think you don't actually have any shoes on. And, in our society, a shirt and shoes are required to purchase even cigarettes at the shittiest bodega. I mean, if you get in with the owner, he might let you slide, but, in general, you gotta have shoes on. Looking like you don't have shoes on is decidedly not a good look. But these Adidas Campus 80s are real sweet despite their milky, off-white appearance. The best thing about these is their distinct lack of branding. Sure, they're similar to the variety of Adidas sneakers that are especially popping as of late, but they don't have a patch or graphic on the tongue. So, right, obviously, they're Adidas, but aside from that, there's nothing else that sets them apart from the masses, which is kind of why they're so great to begin with. Or maybe I'm just tripping. I haven't had my coffee today because I tried walking into Starbucks naked.