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Whether you like it or not, sneakerhead culture has risen from the streets to the runway. Need proof? Then look no further than New York Fashion Week,

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Image via Barneys

Saint Laurent Classic Court

Made of: Smooth white leather, impossible-to-keep-clean tan suede toe can with a don't-miss-me red accent. Oohhh-weeee.
Best for: Stretching in your jet's yoga studio before your tennis match.
Times designer is referenced by Kanye West: 2

At $795, these Classic Court Sneakers from Saint Laurent are the best bang for your buck on this list. No seriously, it only goes up from here.


Image via Barneys

Lanvin Reflective Trim Low Sport

Made of: Nubuck with calfskin overlays and hypebeast's tears.
Best for: Actually running, in Dubai.
Times designer is referenced by Kanye West: 1

Don't commit the rookie mistake. If you are going to train in these make sure you say it "Lahm Vaughn."


Image via Valentino

Valentino Rockrunner

Made of: Pony skin, leather, DVF's favorite imitation cheetah coat.
Best for:  Hiking through the Orange County Mall to get to that shearling vest from Philip Lim before everyone else does.
Times designer is referenced by Kanye West: 0

We guess Valentino Garavani isn't one of Kanye's lyrical muses. Oh well, you'd still look like a boss if you were training in these.


Image via Louboutin

Louboutin Louis

Made of: Tresse Taty and zip ties.
Best for: Ballin' without a budget.
Times designer is referenced by Kanye West: 2

While it may not be the same type of woven upper that is in the Air Jordan XX9, the "Louis" from Louboutin comes in a woven primevere and black Tresse upper that would turn plenty of heads.


Image via Barneys

Maison Martin Margiela Suede Chain Embellished Sneakers

Made of: Red dye extracted from the petals of a thousand Kadupul flowers.
Best for: Your Uber commute to Soul Cycle.
Times designer is referenced by Kanye West: 1

The all red colorway of these sneakers may trick people into thinking that they are Air Yeezy 2 Red Octobers. If they don't? Then these are no slouch either.


Image via Barneys

Givenchy Star Embellished Plaid Tyson

Made of: Marc Jacob's closet circa 1994.
Best for: Sparring with fellow customers for those limited edition Alexander Wang shoes
Times designer is referenced by Kanye West: 1

With the word Tyson in the name, they have to be great for training, right?


Image via Barneys

Rick Owens Geobasket

Made of: Deconstructed Eames chairs and Birkin bags.
Best for: Throwing money in the air in the Barry's Bootcamp locker room.
Times designer is referenced by Kanye West: 0

Although not mentioned by Kanye, Rick Owens is a favorite of A$AP Rocky, as the the designer is referenced in both "Peso" and "Fashion Killa."


Image via Chanel

Chanel Tweed & Lambskin Sneakers

Made of: Chanel tweed and craft paper found at Michaels.
Best for: Grocery the Chanel show.
Times designer is mentioned by Kanye West: 1

Why wear Flyknit while you can train in lambskin?


Image via Barneys

Balmain Leopard Haircalf

Made of: Leopards.
Best for: Instagraming your feet at Tupac's house...oops.
Times designer is referenced by Kanye West: 1

We've seen leopard prints on a few different colorways of the Li-Ning Way of Wade 2. We'd say these leopard shoes trump those ones. Agree or disagree?


Image via Gucci

Gucci Dark Grey Ostrich

Made of: Ostrich leather and Gucci Mane hair.
Best for: Weight training.
Times designer is referenced by Kanye West: 12

The undisputed champ of Kanye West references on this list is also the most expensive sneaker you can train in, coming in at $700 more than our second place shoe. Ball so hard, indeed.


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